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iQ Glass

Effective heat,
advanced controllability


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Elegant design

Aluminium elements fitted in the base of the heater warm the surrounding air, circulating it around the room for instant heat. Simple, sleek and attractive, the iQ Glass is a stylish but practical way to supplement any primary heating system in your home or office.

Integrated WiFi capability
Control your heating through your phone and make instantaneous temperature adjustments. All you need is access to WiFi and the Smart Life App and the future of heating is at your fingertips.
Voice Activation
The iQ Glass is compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home for voice activated use. Easy, hands-free temperature control.
Touchscreen interface
Select comfort, economy or anti-frost modes using the built-in touchscreen controls. Adjust the temperature or set a timer with the easy-to-use control panel.

Versatile installation

The iQ Glass is adaptable in more ways than one. A set of feet and brackets are supplied with every purchase, so you can choose between free-standing or wall-mounted installation to adjust to your lifestyle.

Models Available


Wattage: 2000w
Width: 860mm
Height: 470mm
Depth: 90mm
Product Weight: 11.2kg
IP Rating: IP24
IEC Class: Class I
Colour: Black
Warranty: 2 years
Cable Length: 1.5m