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How to Heat an Open Plan Property

July 19th, 2022

The benefits of open plan spaces are well documented. In domestic spots, they bring families together and make homes feel lighter and brighter. In workspaces, they’re proven to aid collaboration, teamwork and innovation. Whilst a large, open layout may make a space feel more welcoming, they can offer a unique heating issue – having the opposite effect. We’re here to explore how Ecostrad’s range of electric heating solutions can bring necessary warmth to an open plan, perfect for residents, colleagues, and customers alike.

Why electric heating is ideal for open plans

Radiant warmth

Instead of heating the air like convection, radiant warmth travels as an electromagnetic wave to heat people and objects directly. This type of directional warmth is ideal for open plan areas as it is not lost to draughts or high ceilings. The sum of the room’s air volume does not need to be heated for occupants to feel warm, maximising efficiency and reducing running costs. Infrared heaters and electric radiators both emit radiant warmth.

100% efficiency

Electric heating is 100% efficient at point of use. It converts every watt of energy drawn from the wall into usable heat, ensuring zero unnecessary heat loss. When paired with a green energy provider, they become 100% efficient from start to finish.

Energy-saving functions

Packed with advanced energy management functions, like open window detection, 24/7 programming and WiFi and Bluetooth control – our electric heaters are all Lot 20 compliant.

Flexible installation options

As well as traditional wall-mounting, there’s freestanding and ceiling mounted options on offer, providing a convenient installation option for any space. This makes them perfect for open plan spots, as heating may be required in the centre of the room, where no direct wall space is accessible.

Innovative design

Ceramic electric radiators

What are they?

Ceramic electric radiators look and operate very similarly to normal electric radiators, but with one key difference: they have ceramic stone at their core. As ceramic is excellent at locking in heat once it’s been generated, these electric radiators are renowned for their ability to carry on distributing warmth long after switch-off.

Why do they work for open plans?

All radiators give off some amount of radiant heat, but ceramic electric radiators give out the most. It’s a straight 50:50 split of convection and radiation – as opposed to the usual 2:1 – meaning they heat the air as well as people and objects. They’re specifically suited for open plans as they combine the responsive comfort delivered by convection with the robust, airflow-defying technology of infrared. They also require no annual maintenance, as they do not ignite any fuel in order to function – just remember to keep them clean.

Our top ceramic radiator pick: The Ecostrad iQ Ceramic

The iQ Ceramic is a lightweight, slimline electric radiator optimised for a variety of uses. It’s great for open plans, as it’s been specifically designed to keep heat in through its CeramiQ Heat Lock technology. It plugs in DIY, so the unit can be up-and-running in no time – saving on both time and installation costs. With a ten-year warranty on the radiator body, the iQ Ceramic is the perfect electric radiator to bring open plans up to temperature.

Top three features

  • Can be installed freestanding, for flexible spot heating
  •  In-built WiFi connectivity makes accessing settings straightforward
  •  Motion sensor technology minimises micromanaging and energy usage

Infrared heaters

What are they?

Infrared heaters work by either heating up a bulb, in the case of patio heaters, or by heating a tightly coiled wire element, in the case of infrared panels. If you’ve got a high-ceilinged or particularly large open plan space, opting for a heater that delivers 100% of its warmth through radiation is the best bet.

Why do they work for open plans?

Infrared panels supply comforting warmth wherever it’s needed most, completely bypassing the air and heating you directly. This makes them particularly effective in harder-to-heat spaces such as open plan properties with more air volume. They can be installed on ceilings, which not only takes your heating out of direct eyeline but allows warmth to target areas that previously may have been unreachable. This can be done DIY, but if your property requires multiple electric heaters, it’s best to have them hardwired – a simple job for a professional.

Infrared panels and electric patio heaters are both completely maintenance free – so any annual checks common with other heating systems are eliminated. All that’s needed is a quick dusting every so often.


Our top infrared heater pick: The Ecostrad Thermostrip

A stylish matt black heater ideal for domestic, commercial and public use, the Thermostrip provides discreet, all-day comfort through gentle far infrared warmth. This kind of heat is mellow enough for sustained indoor use, but still powerful enough to spread evenly across spaces of up to 24m­­².

The Thermostrip can be controlled manually via a simple on/off button, but for more comprehensive management, we always recommend pairing it with an external digital controller. This will provide more in-depth energy management features, like custom scheduling, temperature accuracy to ± 1 °C, as well as making the heater accessible from one handy spot.

Top three features

  • No distracting glare – ideal for offices and commercial spots
  • Wall or ceiling mountable
  • Compatible with DIY installation

Start heating your open plan space effectively today

If you’re looking to heat an open plan space, look no further than Ecostrad’s range of electric heaters. From smart electric radiators to portable patio heaters, there’s a solution that’ll warm any space efficiently. Lot 20 compliant, zero maintenance and robust warranties will ensure the open plan in your property is reliably warm and welcoming time and time again.