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About us

Homeowners and businesses are increasingly adopting electric solutions for primary heating due to their improved control and greater accuracy. The move toward smart controls highlights the importance of energy efficiency and never before has it been so vital to make good use of our resources.

At Ecostrad, we understand that it is essential for manufacturers to continue to innovate and develop new solutions, which is why we sell only the very best products with the very latest control systems.

We firmly believe that electric is the way forward for domestic and commercial heating and nowhere is this more apparent than in our exceptional range of heaters.

Why choose Ecostrad?

World Class Customer Support

From initial query to after-sales support, we are driven by our need to provide the very best customer service in the industry.

Affordability Without Compromise

Our products are designed to be affordable without customers having to sacrifice control or aesthetics in the process.

Ahead of the Curve

All of our solutions represent the latest technological advancements in electric heating and offer unrivalled control and efficiency.

Contemporary Style for Every Home

Appearance can take a backseat with many heating manufacturers, but not us. We take great care in providing products that are as stylish as they are functional.