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Electric Radiators

Providing a comfortable balance of convection and radiant heat, electric radiators make some of the most versatile and responsive heating systems available. They come in a vast array of styles, sizes and finishes, offering everything from cutting-edge designer models to traditionally-styled products with fluted bodies. Fitted with precision thermostats as standard, as well as detailed digital programmers, they make taking control of energy usage effortless.

These intelligent heaters meet the demanding pace of 21st century living with control systems that can respond in an instant. Offering features like WiFi connectivity, voice control and energy usage statistics, managing heating has never been more intuitive.

Precision heating control and space-saving slimline bodies make our designer radiators natural additions to contemporary living spaces. Sophisticated on every level, they combine statement heating with energy-efficient technology.

German-made products have an international reputation for quality and our radiators are no exception. Built to the highest standard of quality and rigorously tested by experts, they represent the gold standard for electric heating.