What are the benefits of installing electric radiators in a new build?

When purchasing a new build, deciding which type of heating to go for is one of the first things to mull over. Considering the time-consuming upheaval involved with some heating solutions, coupled with the 2025 boiler ban for new builds, there’s no better time to start looking at the other available options on offer. Electric radiators pose a low-maintenance, easily installable choice that’s primed for sustainable heating, future-proofing your property for years to come. There are a whole host of reasons they specifically suit new builds, from their simple set-up and ease of control, to their wide range of styles and energy-saving functions. Let’s take a closer look…

What Makes Electric Heating Ideal for Landlords?

Are you researching how to update the heating in your rental property? Or maybe you’re looking to fit a modern solution in your new build? As one the most efficient heating systems on the market, electric is the perfect choice. Affordable and effective, it has a lot to offer, but what exactly makes it ideal for landlords?