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How Manufacturing Sets Ecostrad Designer Electric Radiators Apart

Published: 13 Sep 2021

At Ecostrad, we understand the value of quality manufacturing, which is why our collection of electric heating solutions have been built to the highest of standards. It is this level of premium construction that sets our designer electric radiators apart from other heating systems currently on the market. So, lets take a look at Ecostrad designer electric radiators, to see exactly what makes them so unique.

Why manufacturing matters

You may have seen a variety of designer electric radiators on the market, but did you know many manufactures often take the empty shell of old central heating radiators and convert them into electric? They do this by filling them up with thermal oil and adding a heating element, but there can be a few problems with this. Originally developed as part of a larger system, these radiators once relied on pressurised water flowing through their small apertures to supply warmth. When converted into electric, this pressure is lost, meaning the internal oil is unable to flow evenly through the radiator. As a result, the appliance may not work as effectively as a heating solution, especially when compared to electric-only products.

How Ecostrad designer electric radiators are built better

Our designer electric radiators have been built from the ground up, specifically crafted for the needs of electric heating. Pre-filled with heat-retentive oil, they provide effective warmth with slow cool down times, delivering heat even after the radiator has stopped drawing power from the wall. This not only makes for a more efficient system but can help to minimise running costs too. Using unique Fast-Flo technology, their bespoke bodies have been designed in a way that best optimises the movement of the fluid inside each appliance, providing superior heat circulation. With wider pipe joints and channels, the internal oil is able to move freely around the body of the radiator, for an even distribution of warmth with no unwanted hot spots.

Our top 3 bestselling designer electric radiators

Ecostrad have a wide selection of premium electric heating solutions, offering superior performance and improved efficiency. Let’s take a look at our designer electric radiators, to see how they benefit from exceptional manufacturing.

Ecostrad Ascoli iQ

Price: £289.99 – £439.99

Options available: white, anthracite, horizontal only.

Perfectly optimised for the needs of electric heating, the Ecostrad Ascoli iQ combines modern technology with a more traditional aesthetic. Sporting a sleek, flat bar design, reminiscent of the classic radiator look and a slim depth of 50mm, this electric radiator effortlessly fits into any interior design scheme. Every inch of the Ascoli has been crafted to ensure optimal performance, using Fast-Flo technology to deliver greater heat circulation and improved efficiency. Elegant and innovative, the Ascoli comes with smart WiFi app control and intelligent programming features that can help to reduce running costs for a more efficient overall system. It’s suitable for installation in zone 3 of any bathroom, offering versatile electric heating throughout a property.

Ecostrad Allora iQ

Price: £299.99 – £479.99

Options available: white, anthracite, horizontal, vertical & vertical double panel.

Styled with a more contemporary aesthetic, the Ecostrad Allora iQ features gently curved, oval bars, with a glossy finish, putting this designer electric radiator firmly at home in any modern space. It too uses Fast-Flo technology to enhance its heating capabilities, ensuring quick and efficient heat distribution. As well as offering intelligent WiFi app control, weekly programming and wealth of energy-saving management features, the Ecostrad Allora is available in a range of sizes and designs. Double panel vertical electric radiators are unique to the Allora, offering increased surface area for a greater heat output. These models are perfect for larger rooms where their slimline appearance will blend in whilst still providing effective warmth. So, if you’re looking for an efficient heating solution with a striking design, the Ecostrad Allora is the ideal solution.

Ecostrad Adesso iQ

Price: £289.99 – £539.99

Options available: white, black, horizontal, & vertical.

For the best of both worlds, try the Ecostrad Adesso iQ. With a flat bar design similar to the Ascoli and a versatile mix of horizontal and vertical versions available just like the Allora, this designer electric radiator has it all. Its ultra-slim depth of 30mm, makes the Adesso our slimmest electric radiator yet, giving it the edge when it comes to minimalist, unobtrusive heating. With sophisticated programming, including WiFi app control, it acts as a convenient, space-saving heating solution for any space. Suitable for bathroom installation and available in slate black, this versatile electric radiator is a contemporary addition to any property.

Why should you choose Ecostrad designer electric radiators?

It’s simple really, Ecostrad’s manufacturing is second-to-none. In fact, we’re so confident in the quality of our designer electric radiators, that all of the above products come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on the body of each appliance. Our electric radiators are made using only the very latest technology, which is what sets them apart and makes them such a reliable choice for keeping your property warm. So, if you’re looking for a quality, efficient heating system at an affordable price, you’re sure to find it with Ecostrad.

You can buy Ecostrad designer electric radiators at Electric Radiators Direct.