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How to heat a commercial property with electric heaters

March 08, 2024

Choosing the right heating solution for a commercial property can be quite a task. With considerations like size, insulation, and foot traffic to keep in mind, traditional methods may not always hit the mark. Whether it’s a pub garden, warehouse, or small office space, let’s explore how Ecostrad’s range of electric heaters offer an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Why are electric heaters ideal for commercial spaces?

  • Easy installation – With zero moving parts, electric heating can be installed DIY-style or hardwired by an electrician. It’s a simple process that removes the complexity of pipework or a centralised boiler system. Easier installation equals cheaper upfront costs and a safer, more manageable system overall.
  • Low maintenance – Electric heaters produce zero harmful emissions and so the need for yearly servicing is eliminated, resulting in more cost savings and fewer disruptions.
  • Integrated smart control – With WiFi-compatible thermostats, commercial property owners can fully optimise their energy usage by creating schedules and remotely monitoring their heaters from a single point of use.
  • Renewable energy pairing – With a growing emphasis on reducing carbon emissions, commercial spaces are increasingly prioritising sustainability. Pair electric heaters with renewable energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, or a green tariff, and businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Electric radiators

Primed for commercial heating in:

  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Schools


Electric radiators are ideal for commercial spaces because they’re so comparable to their gas counterparts. Delivering a complementary blend of convection and radiation, interiors can benefit from quick heat-ups, slow cooldowns, and steady running costs.

Oil filled radiators

Using a heating element that warms a volume of thermodynamic fluid, oil filled electric radiators provide a steady and lasting supply of warmth throughout a room. Their strength lies in maintaining a consistent temperature over extended periods. This makes them particularly well-suited for medium to large rooms – an open plan office, for example – where their slow cooldowns ensure lasting warmth. Ecostrad designer radiators are fitted with the Ecostrad iQ WiFi element – the first of its kind in the UK to offer full WiFi programming. Simply pair with our homegrown heating app, Ecostrad Ecosystem, for unparalleled control any time, any place.

Ceramic radiators

Housing a series of ceramic stones that efficiently retain and release heat, ceramic electric radiators offer a versatile and user-friendly solution to commercial heating. Their increased heat output proves particularly effective in rooms with high ceilings or intricate layouts. Plus, their portability and quick heat-up times make them an optimal choice for properties seeking adaptable warmth on-demand. With integrated WiFi control, Ecostrad ceramic radiators enhance the user experience and effortlessly keep up with fluctuating occupancy patterns. Simply connect to the Ecosystem app or a smart speaker to experience a streamlined approach to heat management.

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Electric towel rails

Primed for commercial heating in:

  • Gyms & spas
  • Leisure centres
  • Changing rooms


Electric towel rails are the quintessential bathroom heater – and this extends beyond just residential heating. Delivering standalone control, splashproof protection and excellent heat retention, they offer a cost-effective solution for commercial properties seeking both towel storage and efficient room heating.

Our electric towel rails come with the choice of three distinct heating elements:

  • Ecostrad Standard Element: Ideal for changing rooms with ad-hoc needs, this element provides basic on/off control, prioritising towel drying over room heating.
  • Ecostrad Digital Element: Offering precise temperature management and manual programming, this element serves as a versatile room heater that doesn’t require smart control.
  • Ecostrad iQ WiFi Element: The pinnacle of control, this element provides full WiFi programming, including 24/7 scheduling and a countdown timer. Perfect for commercial spaces with dynamic demands, this element offers the full package.

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Infrared heaters

Primed for commercial heating in:

  • Churches
  • Shops
  • Hot yoga studios


Infrared heaters adapt to the unique heating requirements of commercial properties precisely because of the way they heat. Unlike convection, which warms the air, radiant warmth travels as an electromagnetic wave, heating people and objects directly. This directional warmth proves especially beneficial in open plan areas as it isn’t lost to draughts or high ceilings. Their efficiency is maximised as the entire air volume of the room doesn’t need heating for occupants to experience warmth, ultimately reducing running costs.

For ultimate convenience, there’s traditional wall installation and ceiling mounted options on offer. Discreet and lightweight, infrared heaters are an unobtrusive solution that packs a durable amount of heat – great for lofty commercial spaces that struggle to retain warmth. With a range of programming options on offer, from manual to remote to full WiFi programming, our infrared heaters adapt to every preference.

Electric patio heaters

Primed for commercial heating in:

  • Pub gardens
  • Workshops
  • Garages


For outdoor or expansive open spaces, electric patio heaters stand out as the ultimate solution. These heaters operate by heating a bulb, delivering direct and targeted warmth to maintain a consistent ambient temperature. Their rapid heat-up times ensure noticeable comfort within seconds of switch-on, making them perfect for areas requiring on-demand warmth.

What sets electric patio heaters apart is their unparalleled versatility, allowing for flexible and subtle placement in a variety of commercial settings. Whether enhancing the ambiance of a pub garden or meeting the demands of an industrial workshop, these heaters effortlessly adapt to spatial requirements without sacrificing efficiency. With on/off programming, countdown timers and remote control on offer, programming is seamless and adaptable to the demands of your space.

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Choose Ecostrad for your commercial heating needs

If you’re looking to heat a commercial property, look no further than Ecostrad’s range of electric heaters. From smart electric radiators to portable patio heaters, there’s a solution that’ll warm any space efficiently. Lot 20 compliant, maintenance-free, and backed by strong warranties, Ecostrad guarantees excellence at every level.

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