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Introducing the Ecostrad Klasse iQ Electric Radiator

December 5, 2023

Experience a new benchmark in quality with the Ecostrad Klasse iQ, a German electric radiator that redefines heating efficiency. At Ecostrad, we wanted to deliver a product that encompassed the warmth, comfort and control that only German engineering can deliver – but with some all-important extras. Unlike other similar products on the market, the Klasse iQ features a seamless control panel and integrated WiFi control that makes programming more convenient than ever. Pair that with its superior manufacturing and technology, and the Klasse iQ delivers a heating experience like no other.

The Klasse iQ at a glance:

Efficient German Engineering

WiFi App Control - No Extras Required

Robust 15 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Completely Lot 20 Compliant

DIY Plug-in & Go Installation

A height for every space

Available in three distinct orientations, the Klasse iQ adapts to the unique requirements of any room type. 


Seamless heating for primary living spaces


Ideal for hallways & narrow spaces 


A space-saving solution for conservatories and beneath windows 

Efficient heating technology

A product of Germany’s leading experts in electric heating, the Klasse iQ has been built from the ground up to utilise the full power of electric. Incorporating cutting-edge Thermolock Retention technology, it is close-packed with patented Magmatic tablets, made from a blend of porcelain, clay, and ceramic. This unique composition allows the Klasse iQ to store and disperse heat more effectively than its competitors. Nestled within these tablets are high-quality chrome nickel elements, providing full protection against air, humidity, and impurities. 

A perfect balance of convection and radiation

This groundbreaking heating technology means the Klasse iQ can deliver a balanced 50:50 blend of convective and radiant warmth heating both the air and people directly. Thanks to its substantial thermal mass, warmth is retained long after the radiator’s stopped running. As such, the Klasse iQ can continue radiating heat for up to 45 minutes without power.

Ceramic heating elements ensure that warmth is delivered efficiently, providing an even split of convection and radiation

It guarantees durability by providing full protection against air and impurities.

Its superior heat conductivity and retention capabilities result in reduced energy consumption without sacrificing comfort.

Quality German manufacturing

The Klasse iQ offers a traditional ribbed aestheticnot unlike contemporary central heating radiators – but with one key difference. Featuring innovative DeepCore Flow Dynamics, these ribs have been individually produced and spot-welded, boasting a remarkable 50% increase in surface area compared to similar products on the market. In essence, a larger surface area allows the Klasse iQ to emit heat over a broader expanse, significantly amplifying its heat output.

Same comfort, less energy

Coupled with the Klasse iQ’s heat-retentive core, this design facilitates more efficient room heating at lower temperatures. For every degree of temperature reduction, electricity usage decreases by 8%, leading to a substantial drop in energy. This superior approach to manufacturing sets a new standard for excellence – as such, each radiator comes with its own Safety Certificate as testament to its rigorous quality control process.  

Operating discreetly with minimal expansion noises, the Klasse iQ integrates seamlessly in every space.

The radiator's design maximises surface area, resulting in highly efficient heating.

Unlike flat-fronted electric heaters, the Klasse iQ offers a surface area six times larger, enhancing heat output.

Intuitive display panel

When manual programming is preferred, the Klasse iQ makes it easy. Its SimpleNav Display Panel offers effortless control and customisation, featuring four clearly labelled buttons and a user-friendly dimmable LED display. With the ability to choose from two main heating modes, set weekly schedules, and utilise Boost Mode to increase the temperature, users have the flexibility to tailor their heating preferences precisely. Its non-linear settings process simplifies manual programming, making this type of control a straightforward and adaptable solution for various lifestyles and property needs. 

The control panel is designed for simplicity, allowing users to make adjustments with ease.

A nested settings menu enhances navigation, providing a user-friendly interface.

The Klasse iQ includes a tamper-proof keypad lock, ensuring settings remain secure and unchanged.

Sophisticated WiFi control 

The Klasse iQ distinguishes itself by being WiFi-ready right from the start, eliminating the need for costly add-ons or complex setups. It effortlessly connects with our homegrown Ecostrad Ecosystem app, allowing users to make instant heating adjustments via their smartphone. What’s more, it can be paired with Amazon Alexa & Google Home, for convenient hands-free control.  

Ideal for landlords

This feature-rich radiator is a gamechanger when it comes to smart heat management, offering hassle-free connectivity and distance control. It’s a must for landlords who require a more flexible approach to heating – whether you need to get a rental property ready for a viewing or keep an eye on a holiday let during off-season, SMART enhanced WiFi ensures cost-effective and efficient heating. 

The Klasse iQ comes ready for WiFi control, eliminating the need for additional purchases.

Remote access makes it an ideal choice for landlords and property owners.

Integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home enables effortless, hands-free control, providing convenience across the board.

Innovative programming 

Whether a property is using manual or WiFi control, the Klasse iQ can be programmed intuitively to match any lifestyle. Let’s take a closer look at some of these features. 

Three versatile heating modes

Simple but flexible, these modes can be fine-tuned to a property’s exact specifications, every day of the week. 

Manual mode

Set your desired temperature between 7 °C and 30 °C for uninterrupted comfort. 

Program mode

Create an energy-efficient 24-hour heating schedule tailored to your needs. 

Boost mode

Instantly adjust the temperature between 7 °C and 30 °C without affecting current settings. 

Advanced energy-saving features

Dynamically responding to temperature drops and changes, these in-built features take away the need for micromanagement, allowing a more hands-off approach to reducing energy consumption. 

  • Open window detection – If the radiator detects a sudden drop in temperature within a 2-minute period, it will stop heating. This prevents wasted energy from draughts – particularly effective in shared properties. 
  • Adaptive start – This measures room temperature one hour before the scheduled heating is set to start. It works out the difference between room temperature and the desired level set – the difference is then used to calculate how early the radiator should start heating. It’s smart, adaptable, and makes sure rooms are heated to your exact specification.  
  • Frost protection When in standby mode, it will trigger if room temperature drops below 7 °C. That way, it will prevent pipes from freezing and keep the Klasse iQ in optimal condition during those extra cold spells. If you own a student property or holiday let that may be left vacant for extended periods, this feature is essential. 


  • The Klasse iQ offers the flexibility to tailor heating preferences to suit individual lifestyles, ensuring personalised comfort. 
  • Its advanced energy-saving features take the hassle out of managing heating, promoting efficiency and convenience. 
  • The Klasse iQ goes above and beyond Lot 20 requirements, ensuring it meets and exceeds stringent standards for energy efficiency.

Flexible DIY fitting

The Klasse iQ takes convenience a step further with simple plug-in and go installation. With all fixtures available for wall mounting, including a UK-fitted plug and 1.8 metre cable, you can install the Klasse iQ in mere minutes – no technical expertise required. If a property does require a hardwired finish, this is a simple job for a qualified electrician and results in a seamlessly integrated appliance with less wiring on show.  

Low maintenance

With an IP20 protection rating, the Klasse iQ isn’t suitable for bathrooms, but it can be placed anywhere else in a property. Thanks to its design versatility, spaces will benefit from a classic, elegant finish that is virtually maintenance-free. The odd dusting is all the upkeep it needs to keep the Klasse iQ in optimal condition, helping to keep running costs in check. To make upkeep even more manageable, the radiator also comes with a detachable power cable – this means that if there’s ever a problem with the power cable, you can simply replace it with a new one. With a 15-year Manufacturer’s Warranty, purchase the Klasse iQ with confidence knowing there’s no hidden costs down the line. 

Optional feet, optional portability

Compatible with the low and horizontal versions, the Klasse iQ radiator feet transform the unit into a freestanding heater. Simply attach them to the base, plug into the nearest socket, and enjoy portable heating in seconds. That way, you can bring the heat to wherever it’s needed most, completely hassle-free. 


  • The Klasse iQ provides a hassle-free DIY installation experience, eliminating the need for costly callouts. 
  • With low maintenance requirements and a detachable power cable, the Klasse iQ helps reduce ongoing running costs.  
  • Optional radiator feet offer the flexibility to easily move and position it wherever heat is required, providing unparalleled convenience. 

Embrace the future of heating with the Klasse iQ

The Ecostrad Klasse iQ offers the full package: high-quality German engineering, superior efficiency, WiFi app control and a sleek, intuitive interface. So, say goodbye to outdated systems and embrace a new era of efficient and intelligent heating today! 

To shop the range, visit our partner site Electric Radiators Direct. If you’re a wholesaler, get in touch to learn how you can add the Klasse iQ to your portfolio.