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Ecostrad Brings the Heat to Hull FC as New Principal Partner for 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that Ecostrad will be the official principal partner for Hull FC. You’ll be seeing our name on match days and on the new 2024 kits, which will be available later in the year. This partnership will spark new and exciting opportunities and we can’t wait to see what the 2024 season has to hold for the team.

Do you need an electrician to install electric radiators?

Whether or not an electrician is required to install an electric radiator depends on a few factors. All Ecostrad electric radiators are suitable for professional hardwiring, which does require an electrician, but this isn’t always necessary. Some models are able to be fitted DIY within a matter of minutes. We’re here to explain when hardwiring is necessary, its respective pros and cons, and how to know when a DIY fitting may be your best bet.

Meet the New iQ Ceramic in Black

Our bestselling iQ Ceramic has been an Ecostrad staple for years. Embodying all of the features we deem essential in quality electric heating – smart control, simple installation, energy efficiency, and affordability – the iQ Ceramic has been a gateway product to the world of electric heating for many businesses and homeowners. Such a classic deserves a revamp every now and then, and this October, Ecostrad launched the iQ Ceramic in black. A sleek slate black finish provides a welcome style refresh, but its internal features are just as cutting-edge as the original.

Ceramic electric radiators vs. storage heaters: which is best?

Before the proliferation of gas central heating systems, many properties relied on the money-saving technology of electric storage heaters. Used to either supplement a gas system or as a primary heating source, storage heaters took advantage of the cheaper nighttime Economy 7 or 10 electricity rate. Whilst they certainly had a place fifty years ago, have storage heaters stood the test of time? Modern ceramic electric radiators use a similar kind of technology, but with a wealth of energy-saving features and a much more sophisticated level of control, they outperform storage heaters in every way.

How to Heat an Open Plan Property

The benefits of open plan spaces are well documented. In domestic spots, they bring families together and make homes feel lighter and brighter. In workspaces, they’re proven to aid collaboration, teamwork and innovation. Whilst a large, open layout may make a space feel more welcoming, they can offer a unique heating issue – having the opposite effect. We’re here to explore how Ecostrad’s range of electric heating solutions can bring necessary warmth to an open plan, perfect for residents, colleagues, and customers alike.

What makes ceramic electric radiators so efficient?

As a heating source, electric has many advantages – it’s reliable, sustainable, and easily transmissible. Among its slew of benefits is its superb efficiency – it boasts an impressive 100% across the board at point of use. Ceramic radiators combine the effectiveness of electric with the robust, heat-locking properties of ceramic stone, resulting in a form of heating which excels on the efficiency front – making them a welcome addition to a variety of locales. But, what is it that makes them so efficient?

Ecostrad infrared panels: Opus vs Accent

Infrared panels have a sleek and exclusive look, blending in with lighter walls and forming an eye-catching contrast against darker tones. They certainly have a futuristic feel, so you’d be forgiven for thinking they come with a hefty price tag. Here at Ecostrad, we’ve designed two infrared panels – the Opus and the Accent – both manufactured to the highest of standards, delivering robust infrared heat at an affordable price point. But what’s the difference between the two?

How Manufacturing Sets Ecostrad Designer Electric Radiators Apart

At Ecostrad, we understand the value of quality manufacturing, which is why our collection of electric heating solutions have been built to the highest of standards. It is this level of premium construction that sets our designer electric radiators apart from other heating systems currently on the market.