What is the most efficient way to heat a holiday home?

Heating a holiday home presents unique challenges. Some properties may be used all year-round but only for a few days a week. Others may see constant turnover during peak holiday season but left uninhabited over winter. With a revolving door of guests, all with their own preferences and routines, the question of efficiency matters. But with efficiency comes other aspects to consider: a holiday home needs to have a heating system that’s flexible, convenient, and capable of instant response. That’s what all Ecostrad products offer – but with our extensive range, which type of heating is the most efficient for holiday homes?

What makes ceramic electric radiators so efficient?

As a heating source, electric has many advantages – it’s reliable, sustainable, and easily transmissible. Among its slew of benefits is its superb efficiency – it boasts an impressive 100% across the board at point of use. Ceramic radiators combine the effectiveness of electric with the robust, heat-locking properties of ceramic stone, resulting in a form of heating which excels on the efficiency front – making them a welcome addition to a variety of locales. But, what is it that makes them so efficient?

The Ecostrad Ecosystem App: Everything You Need to Know

The Ecostrad Ecosystem app was designed to meet the needs of an evolving market – as more people make the switch to electric heating, we understand there’s more of a demand than ever to bring speed and convenience to the forefront of heat management. Overstepping the limitations of manual and Bluetooth control, Ecosystem is an innovative heating app wrapped in one sophisticated package – accessible from anywhere with a WiFi connection. Simply give your smartphone a tap, drag or swipe to make instantaneous adjustments to any and all of your Ecostrad smart heaters. For absolutely everything you need to know, read on as we go over all of Ecosystem’s cost-cutting and energy-saving features.

Ecostrad infrared panels: Opus vs Accent

Infrared panels have a sleek and exclusive look, blending in with lighter walls and forming an eye-catching contrast against darker tones. They certainly have a futuristic feel, so you’d be forgiven for thinking they come with a hefty price tag. Here at Ecostrad, we’ve designed two infrared panels – the Opus and the Accent – both manufactured to the highest of standards, delivering robust infrared heat at an affordable price point. But what’s the difference between the two?

How does smart electric heating keep costs down?

There are many misconceptions surrounding electric heating, with perhaps the running costs being the most misunderstood. While gas rates are cheaper, that doesn’t mean central heating will save you money in the long run. In fact, quite the opposite. Electric is developing in leaps and bounds compared to gas central heating, which faces irrelevancy in a world adapting to diminishing resources. For millions of people, electric has become an integral fixture in home heating for its convenience and environmental benefits – not least all the ways it can keep costs down.

What are the benefits of installing electric radiators in a new build?

When purchasing a new build, deciding which type of heating to go for is one of the first things to mull over. Considering the time-consuming upheaval involved with some heating solutions, coupled with the 2025 boiler ban for new builds, there’s no better time to start looking at the other available options on offer. Electric radiators pose a low-maintenance, easily installable choice that’s primed for sustainable heating, future-proofing your property for years to come. There are a whole host of reasons they specifically suit new builds, from their simple set-up and ease of control, to their wide range of styles and energy-saving functions. Let’s take a closer look…

Electric heating – the perfect solution for garden offices

Whether you’re adding a new garden office to your rental property, or your home office needs an upgrade, finding the perfect heating solution for these spaces is essential. Electric heating is the ideal way to keep any WFH space warm throughout the year and with Ecostrad’s extensive range of products, combating the chill in these hard-to-heat areas couldn’t be easier. So, why is electric heating the best choice and which product should you choose? We answer all of these questions and more to help you make the best decision for your garden office.

Building Regulation Changes in 2022 – Everything You Need to Know

In a bid to deliver net zero CO2 emissions by 2050, the UK government has announced a number of changes to current Building Regulations set to take effect in 2022. These include reducing the maximum number of CO2 emissions produced by certain buildings, as well as uplifts to current overheating, fabric and ventilation standards. But how will these updates affect you? Before we look at the potential impact, let’s first unpack everything that has been announced and understand what exactly is set to change.

What Makes Electric Heating Ideal for Landlords?

Are you researching how to update the heating in your rental property? Or maybe you’re looking to fit a modern solution in your new build? As one the most efficient heating systems on the market, electric is the perfect choice. Affordable and effective, it has a lot to offer, but what exactly makes it ideal for landlords?

Modern Electric Towel Rails: Choosing The Right Style

Ecostrad’s electric towel rails come in a vast array of designs, colours and finishes suitable for a range of interior design schemes. From bold finishes to traditional aesthetics, we’ll be taking you through all the choices available, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to handpicking a heater that best matches your décor. Before we explore the various style options, let’s first look at why an electric towel rail is ideal for any property.